Dry installation floors

Self-fixing flooring systems are installed without the need for adhesives and grouts thus reducing times and costs. Suitable for temporary destinations where the existing floor must be preserved. Dry Installation is the solution that allows you to renovate and restyle the floor without carrying out burdensome and expensive restoration works. The tiles can be installed directly onto the pre-existing surface simply by laying the slabs alongside to each other. The absence of grout lines as well as the perfect modularity of panels, combined with the excellent quality of porcelain stoneware, creates a floor with great visual impact. Offices, banks, data processing centers need constant enhancement and updating of technological equipment: from electrical circuits, telephone and computer networks to heating and air-conditioning systems. To facilitate such instances, we recommend using raised floors, floors where the foot plan (consisting of panels that can be easily installed and removed) is elevated from the footing. The under-floor gap created between the floor and the substrate can have varying heights, from a few centimeters to a meter and provides space for the housing of cables and electrical wires and access points.